Hazel Russo

Hazel Russo is the founder and creator of the Lumination® coaching game, a playful approach to people development.

Through her speaking, coaching and award-winning facilitation she takes people on a powerful journey of transformation and change.

She works with leaders and teams to help them gain greater clarity, confidence and courage.

“The day helped to clarify my long-term / five-year / one-year plan. Opened communication with staff. Great to act as a pivot for change, allowing a new launch.”
MD, media industry
We are living in fast-paced, uncertain times. Leaders need to be equipped to be at their best.

When leaders have clarity, they are able to identify opportunities, define a clear vision and generate a shared of sense purpose.

When they have confidence, they instil confidence in others, are more willing to take calculated risks and pursue ambitious goals.

And when they have courage, they can lead with conviction, speak with their authentic voice and bring out the best in others. 

These qualities combined can create a culture of innovation, collaboration and growth. When leaders are encouraged to be at their best, people and organisations can thrive.

“After playing Lumination® it’s not just that I know what to do – I know who to be.”
Catriona Hudson, Director, Heroes and Stardust